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Resolved: In the United States, private ownership of handguns ought to be banned (Negative))



I’ve always been a pretty strong advocate of gun control, though my reading on this topic has substantially tempered my opinion on the matter.  As you will see in this essay, there are a lot of strong Negative arguments.

Answering the Harms

Answering the harms of gun violence is not easy.  It is a simple reality that gun violence is widespread in US society, with close to 30,000 killed in firearm related deaths each year.

One way Negative teams can minimize the harms from these deaths is to attack Affirmative claims related to accidental deaths. Accidental death from guns are actually rare .

The only really strong way to answer this is to argue that we would be worse off in a world where people could not use guns for self-defense. These arguments will be discussed in the Self-Defense Disadvantage section

Answering the Solvency

It will be difficult for the Affirmative to win that handgun bans reduce gun violence.

This is especially true if the Affirmative does not argue for a nation-wide gun ban, as guns from other areas can easily make it into the locality that banned guns through illegal activity.

And even if there is a nation-wide ba

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