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GMOs Capitalism Bad Kritik Link Cards

GMOs Capitalism Bad Kritik Link Cards

We don’t have to reject capitalism to reject GM foods, GM foods can be developed by socialists

Socialist, 2014, “GM Foods: How to feed the world, or how to destroy it?”

It is important to remember that technology is not inherently good or evil. As Marxists, we support the development of the world’s productive forces. Most importantly, we want to end starvation and malnutrition, which affects billions of people. If GMO technology can be harnessed to achieve this safely, good.

Obviously we cannot trust the capitalists – blinded by profit – to develop GMOs. But it is also reactionary to reject technological advances when the only context in which these advances have been seen is under the capitalist system and the push for profit.

Biotechnology has tremendous potential. For decades human insulin has been grown in GM yeast, transforming the lives of diabetics. More recently we have seen the development of transgenically grown biodegradable plastics (polyhydroxyalknoates PHAs), possibilities regarding xenotransplantation (part human organs grown in pigs) and the development of crops that are hardier, more nutritious and require fewer applications of pesticides.

Under socialism, all the giant food companies would be run and owned by the people and production

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