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Genetically Modified Foods Daily Update

Genetically Modified Foods Daily Update

New study proves GM foods are safe

Dr. K S Parthasarathy, August 27, 2019, Feeding Rats With Two Types Of GM Maize: No Effects Detected On Rat Health Or Metabolism,

The importance of Genetically Modified Organisms and the need to promote GM technology remain controversial topics. Recently, a few senior Indian scientists debated inconclusively many aspects of GM technology including whether GM Bt cotton failed in India or not. Obviously there is a need for enlightening public by giving accurate information on this topic so that they can make an informed choice. An issue we must settle convincingly is the health impact of GM foods even though it is virtually impossible to get irrefutable evidence on complete harmlessness of any foodstuff and that includes conventional food! Among the Europeans, French are famously anti GMO. Ironically, French researchers concluded an interesting study in which they examined the effects of GM food on health and metabolism of rats which consumed a diet containing two types of Genetically Modified maize (MON 810 or NK603) in varying concentrations for long periods. This study, published on December 10, 2018 in Toxicological Sciences, the official journal of the Society of Toxicology did not reveal any harmful effects in this instance. Though they used the most up to date, sophisticated, high-throughput biology tech

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