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Free Cards: Inequality and Democracy

Free Cards: Inequality and Democracy

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COVID-19 massively increased economic and health inequality

Doyle McManus — Los Angeles Times, May 10, 2020,

We live in an unequal society, and the coronavirus is making it worse. The pandemic has struck disproportionately at poor people in cities, almost as if it were deliberately targeting minorities. In New York, the death rate among African Americans and Latinos has been roughly twice as high as among white people. The economic impact has been unequal too. A new survey by the Robert Wood Johnson Foundation reported that more than half of the workers who have lost income because of the pandemic were already below the federal poverty line. Higher-income workers, by contrast, have mostly kept their jobs. Now add a third, cruel form of inequality: unequal risk. Knowledge workers who can work at home are riding out the pandemic in relative safety. First responders, health care workers, bus drivers, grocery store clerks and delivery workers don’t have that luxury. T

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