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    Refugees — My Favorite Cards (NCFL LD)

    Need collective action to fulfill moral obligations to refugees; 2,000 refugees are dying per year BAN KI-MOON, New York times, September 17, 2017, The refugee crisis is a test of our collective conscience, In 1951 a young boy and his family fled their burning village during a brutal war that brought immeasurable death and destruction to their country. He witnessed pronounced human suffering that would continue to haunt him


    Resolved: Developed countries have a moral obligation to admit people fleeing oppression (essays, files, bibs)

    Daily Update Favorite Cards  Aff Morality Cards (free with registration) Neg Morality Cards  (subscribers) Introduction and “People fleeing Oppression” Although the wording is not especially clear to those who do not know a lot about the issue, the NCFL L-D resolution focuses on the question of whether or not developing countries should admit a category of refugees – those refugees who are fleeing oppression, which is ordinarily defined under refugee


    Resolved: The illegal use of drugs ought to be treated as a matter of public health, not of criminal justice.

    General Drug use disorders: Impact of a public health rather than a criminal justice approach (2017) Framing drug and alchohol abuse as a public health problem (2018) Drug use: Public health issue or criminal justice matter? (2013) Framing drug and alchohol abuse as a public health problem in Britain (2018) Pro Rethinking America’s “War on Drugs” as a Public Health problem (2001) Drug use must be treated as a public

    On balance, artificial intelligence improves humanity

    BACKGROUND What is AI?  This article generally discusses how AI works and why it is important to incorporate values into AI decision-making. What AI experts predict will happen in 2019 (2019). This brief article quotes some experts in AI to argue that there are developments in AI but that people and businesses are focusing on the practical side now and that there will not be any dramatic advancements in the