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Reparations Neg added for L-D


New November-December LD Arguments and Resources

We have a number of new resources available for the November-December LD topic. A post on arguments run at Blue Key. Blue key used the November-December LD topic. You can find a quick overview of arguments here. An updated annotated bibliography. Work on your own research by consulting this bibliography. An updated topic essay.  Read it here. The majority of the new updates are in A- Development Assistance File Number Two

The First LD Affs — What to Prepare for related to November-December

Affirmative cases Aid supports state agency and self-interest Aid supports freedom/Kant Education/Women’s Education Geoengineering Cyber Security – Thus the plan: Wealthy nations will provide cyber security capacity building development assistance to other nations, Muller 15’ Lilly Pijnenburg Muller is a Junior Research Fellow in the security and defence group at the Norwegian Institute of International Affairs. Her research focus is on cybersecurity and cyber capacity building,


Comparing L-D to Public Forum

In preparing a presentation on the differences and similarities between PF and LD for those who have competed in PF and are considering LD, I came up with the following.   Differences   1 on 1 vs. 2 on 2. This is the simple distinction. LD is the only (I believe) debate event where one person debates one person.   Speaking time. A PF debate lasts approximately the same time

Resolved: Wealthy nations have an obligation to provide development assistance to other nations. (Bibliography (in progress))

General Angus Deaton on foreign aid and inequality.  In the first half of this interview, Deaton argues that while he supports health aid that most foreign aid supports corrupt governments and that it is difficult to distribute it in a way that does not support that corruption. US Foreign aid: A waste of money or a boost for foreign stability. This newspaper article reviews the main arguments for and against foreign


Resolved: Wealthy nations have an obligation to provide development assistance to other nations (Files and Essay)

Terms Wealthy nations. Wealthy nations is not a term of art, but rather refers to a set of countries that have accumulated a significant amount of financial wealth. This National Public Radio piece lists thirty “wealthy” countries and ranks them by the total amount of aid they have distributed. One thing that Negative debaters will need to check against is any attempt by the Affirmative to argue that one (or 2+) of